Dr. Plodzik ~ One Year Anniversary! :)

posted: by: Christina Bowles, DVM Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

As I attend the many commencement ceremonies and grad bashes that are an epidemic in our community each June, I can’t help but reminisce about my own graduation - and life since graduation, of course! This has led to comparing notes with my fellow DVM here at Shaver Road Animal Hospital - our Dr. Emily Plodzik or “Dr. P” as we have affectionately dubbed her. Dr. P has been with us for over a year now, but (I realized during our reminiscing) she has been practicing veterinary medicine for OVER 5 YEARS!!! We have been so thrilled to have Dr. P as part of our team - she is truly “a keeper.” We know that it can be difficult to entrust your family to an unknown face. Remember, I leave my pets here for treatment, too! Dr. P has passed all of our tests with flying colors, so we thought we’d share what we have seen…

Dr. Plodzik is a graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. For those of you who love MSU, just pretend she went to YOUR MSU, and for those of you who hate MSU - she didn’t attend THAT one! :-) Prior to vet school, Dr. Plodzik completed 4 years at Hillsdale College - close to her childhood home of Coldwater. Dr. Plodzik started her professional career down south, but soon realized her dream to return home to serve our community in southwest Michigan.

Since graduating from MSU, Dr. Plodzik has successfully performed HUNDREDS of soft tissue surgeries. We’ve challenged her with large tumors, tooth abscesses, eye surgeries, wounds - you name it, she’s fixed it! We were just discussing how Dr. P discovered, diagnosed, and removed a tumor on a patient recently that turned out to be a malignant form of cancer. (Yes, this is what vets talk about for fun). Thankfully, she found the tumor early and was able to remove the entire mass - effectively curing the patient. Preventative care is more important than we often realize!

Outside of the surgical suite, Dr. P sought out specialized training in gentle handling techniques to create fear free experiences for our canine and feline patients. In keeping with the Shaver Road mission, Dr. Plodzik believes that YOU are the most important member of your pets’ healthcare team. So while she’s feeding your babies treats to lower their stress, you’ll find her asking lots of questions about your family, your pets, and how she can help to create a lifelong bond with your furrier family members. I’ve found Dr. P to be a great confidant - don’t hesitate to chat when it’s your turn to visit with her! As an example, Dr. P recently had a case of a young pup exposed to a toxin. Through discussions with a very conscientious owner, she was able to provide decontamination and supportive care to successfully treat the young dog. As with all success stories, teamwork with YOU is what ensures that we are doing what is best for your beloved furry companion.

So I guess this June really is a “commencement” ceremony for Shaver Road as well. It really is the beginning of a great partnership between two knowledgeable, compassionate doctors whose passion is your pets. Haven’t met Dr. P yet? Just know that you can be comfortable and confident that your whole family is in great hands no matter what time you visit Shaver Road!

Wishing a happy, healthy summer to our entire Shaver Road Animal Hospital family!

~ Christina Bowles, DVM